I agree 100%. You need to be grateful to have realized all this early in life. Some of us, are not that fortunate.
I love this country and the positive ideals some of its prominent sons and daughters proclaimed since its birth. However, we won’t be able to move forward and progress, until we recognize our shortcomings, evil acts and make amends for them.
First, our nation was born out of a rape. Our ancestors took the land by force mostly and displaced the native Americans killing millions in the process. That’s a national trauma that still haunts us, no matter how much we try to deny, conceal, minimize.
Second, to add harm to injury, slavery of other human beings became the commodity in our stolen land. All of the above with Biblical justification.
Third. Even when other nations were doing the same at the time, most didn’t perpetuated in laws, conduct, or society conventions the segregation and oppression of their non-white race citizens.
Until we as nation create a Concensus, just like Germany did after being guilty of supporting Hitler’s ideas of race superiority, and vowed in word and intent to never again commit this crime against humanity, we will be stuck.
To achieve all this, we also need leaders. Leaders smart enough, eloquent enough, who can inspire all and who can unmask the powerful puppet masters who always get away with controlling behind the scenes the nation’s life to serve their political and economic interests first.
Problem: the leaders like that always get killed, disgraced, etc.
So, what we got left? Maybe millions of people with the same knowledge goals, passion. At times, this vicious cycle looks like a grim and repetitive future.

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