Influencers: Part V – Twitter and Social Media

Find the intro to the series here, and please feel free to check out parts two, three, and four! There’s also a film list completed before this series.

Today’s list is going to be short because I do not want to volunteer more information than is publicly available. I interact with many of these people regularly, but will never share anything without permission. Below is their Twitter handle and a brief description of their content.

  1. @AllisonRFloyd – Author of ‘A Wider Universe’, which I recommend, and advocate for an array of social issues
  2. @BpdBryan – Mental health advocate and YouTuber
  3. @cait_vando – I’m an atheist and frequent critic of evangelicals in particular for oppressing others’ beliefs; this is a Christian who does it right. Religious, kind, and compassionate to all
  4. @CaraLisette – Mental health advocate and blogger featured on the Hearts & Minds page of this blog. One of my absolute favourite blogs
  5. @confusatron – One of the best allies I have encountered. There are several on Twitter, but being a fellow white male he played a significant role in shaping how I viewed allyship on social media
  6. @crystallinesd – Social issue advocate who genuinely cares about people
  7. @EleanorSegall – Author of ‘Bring Me to Light’ and an exceptional mental health blogger
  8. @emkburke – Mental health advocate and nursing student with a tremendous capacity for empathy
  9. @emrazz – For many, the quintessential Twitter feminist – if you are unsure where to start with feminism, this account will open doors
  10. @ErynnBrook – I once described her account this way: “She is CVS. Pick any item, no matter how small, and she will generate serious receipts”
  11. @girlsreallyrule – Writer and lawyer with political insight to spare
  12. @GreyMatterLeaks – Mental health advocate and fantastic blogger; another absolute read for those interested in mental health issues
  13. @hannahwitton – Author of ‘The Hormone Diaries’, podcaster and YouTuber mostly on sex positivity
  14. @hattiegladwell – Author of ‘Girl, Unwired’ and a tremendous mental health advocate, often organising other advocates as well
  15. @heyyguido – Social activist, feminist, and YouTuber. Along with emrazz, one of my first major feminist account follows who introduced me to many others
  16. @KevinMKruse – Esteemed historian and chronic Dinesh D’Souza dunker; not only is Kevin’s account great, he also provides a list of other historians and academics to follow on Twitter
  17. @Lauren_Langbein – Mental health advocate with a focus on obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD), a less-discussed disorder that affects me
  18. @marie_skou – One of the most fearless feminist voices on Twitter
  19. @messy4mind – Award-winning campaign to raise mental health awareness
  20. @OneMoreLightLB – Mental health and social issue advocate; she is currently running her AdVENT Series hosting guest bloggers in a series of festive posts about mental health during the holidays, a great way to find other voices
  21. @ParkerMolloy – Influential in much the same as Kevin Kruse; her account serves as a watchdog lining up sources with reporting
  22. @picturepositive – Writer, mental health advocate, and all-around wonderful person
  23. @pigletish – Author of ‘Don’t Be a Dick’ (seriously check it out), podcaster, and mental health advocate
  24. @QueenMab87 – “PhD candidate in legal history with a focus on race and sexuality”; her Twitter feed reflects that expertise
  25. @RealMissAnxiety – Mental health YouTuber and possibly the kindest person on the planet
  26. @resilientbounty – Writer and speaker about social issues with a powerful voice
  27. @RVAwonk – Feminist, behavioural scientist, and boots-on-the-ground reporter
  28. @samiatuomatik – Another exemplary Christian voice and social issues advocate (whose Twitter display name updates regularly with the epithets her trolls provide)
  29. @thatgirlwithbpd – Mental health YouTuber and blogger extraordinaire
  30. @urfeministboss – Feminist activist and close associate of emrazz. Mess with one, mess with both

I think it’s also worth noting that I have met several other wonderful people on Twitter who have had a significant personal impact, but for various reasons I decided it was best not to include them on such a list. You are not forgotten here ❤


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