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Medical Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and OCPD – Going to a Doctor When You Hate Medical Offices

TW: Brief discussion of a graphic injury Every time I sit down with a new medical professional, they will invariably ask how things are with me and I will struggle with a concise answer. Physically I am a picture of health. They take their vitals, and everything will look perfect. Mental health is another storyContinue reading “Medical Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and OCPD – Going to a Doctor When You Hate Medical Offices”

Climate Anxiety

It’s something I don’t think anyone has ever seen in their lifetime. You’ve seen stories like it before. A headline will scream that “an asteroid the size of North Dakota will pass remarkably close to Earth” and everyone runs to see how likely we are to experience an Armageddon or Deep Impact scenario. “The asteroidContinue reading “Climate Anxiety”

Social Anxiety and Animals (Especially Those We Call Humans)

I cannot stress this enough, not only on my behalf but also in the interest of all who share these descriptions. Those with social anxiety are anxious in social situations. Introverts lose energy in social situations. Neither of those things is misanthropy. It’s quite possible to love people and see good in them while havingContinue reading “Social Anxiety and Animals (Especially Those We Call Humans)”


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