Mental Health & Pop Culture

Mental Health through Pop Culture eyes & Pop Culture through Mental Health Eyes

Hello, friend! This section is a collection of posts that examines mental health in the context of pop culture – representations of mental health or reflections of someone with mental health concerns on particular pop culture representations. Feel free to suggest topics for future posts!

  • A Beautiful Mind – review of the depiction of mental health
  • Black Swan – review of the depiction of mental health
  • The Big Short – an OCPD review of the ethics and morality in 2015’s The Big Short
  • Captain America and Me (published below) – the appeal of Captain America to someone with OCPD
  • City Slickers – the impact of one comedy on the life philosopher on one anxious mind
  • Frozen: Let It Go – Elsa’s depiction of mental health and the positive influence of Let It Go on anxiety and other disorders
  • Good Will Hunting – review of the depiction of mental health
  • Harvey – review of the depiction of mental health
  • Inside Out – an explanation of emotional intelligence and mental health for the family
  • Iron Man 3 – Tony Stark’s battle with panic attacks
  • Joker: A Mental Health Review (published below) – examining the role of mental heath in the film Joker
  • Little Women and a Lot of Anxiety (published below) – the enduring appear of Little Women to someone with anxiety; special emphasis on the Greta Gerwig film
  • Mr. Smith Went to Washington – an OCPD take on the Jimmy Stewart classic
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – review of the depiction of mental health
  • Perks of Being a Wallflower – review of the depiction of mental health
  • Sokovia Accords (published below) – an OCPD ethics take on the appropriateness of the Accords
  • Walter Sobchak or, “Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules? Mark it zero!” – an OCPD examination of John Goodman’s character from The Big Lebowski

And more to come!

Sokovia Accords

This is just for fun today. I have mentioned my Chris Evans/Captain America awakening in past entries (in short, that I knew little of Cap in the past, but the character became a favourite through Evans’ MCU performance). One of the things that stayed with me was the debate surrounding the Sokovia Accords, specifically SecretaryContinue reading “Sokovia Accords”


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