Mental Health & Pop Culture

Mental Health through Pop Culture eyes & Pop Culture through Mental Health Eyes

Hello, friend! This section is a collection of posts that examines mental health in the context of pop culture – representations of mental health or reflections of someone with mental health concerns on particular pop culture representations. Feel free to suggest topics for future posts!

Sokovia Accords

This is just for fun today. I have mentioned my Chris Evans/Captain America awakening in past entries (in short, that I knew little of Cap in the past, but the character became a favourite through Evans’ MCU performance). One of the things that stayed with me was the debate surrounding the Sokovia Accords, specifically SecretaryContinue reading “Sokovia Accords”

Captain America and Me

Growing up I read and followed two superheroes: Batman and Spider-Man. Batman was just a man, fighting crime in the DC Universe alongside literal gods. He trained to be a strong and skilled fighter. He studied to become the world’s greatest detective. While I cannot relate to being a billionaire and recognise that the lackContinue reading “Captain America and Me”

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