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In Which One is Critical of Gender Critical Gender

I saw a Twitter post the other day asking why the recent Jon Stewart piece was doing everything with respect to women rather than men. It seemed like an odd question to me because while, yes, men are the privileged group and women the disadvantaged, the discussion always seems to be with respect to women.… Continue reading In Which One is Critical of Gender Critical Gender

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PINK (Simple Admiration for a Complex Colour)

I grew up in a world where pink was very much a girl colour. It appeared almost as though a warning to boys, the way cautionary signage indicates a hazard of fire, electrical shock, or poison. If something was pink, that meant that it was for girls and boys should stay away. Nothing about it… Continue reading PINK (Simple Admiration for a Complex Colour)


Toxic Femininity Does Not Exist

"Toxic masculinity" is shorthand for "the pressures of social expectations of traditional masculinity resulting in violence". As I talk through the matter with intelligent people who disagree, who claim that toxic femininity must also be a thing, it is this fundamental definition that appears to be the sticking point. One could rightly assert that women… Continue reading Toxic Femininity Does Not Exist