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OCPD, Whataboutism, and Professionalism

One of my recent posts mentioned that I have struggled professionally because every time I investigate a field of interest and learn "how the sausage gets made" I become disgusted. It was something of a passing comment in that post, but let's spend some time with it today. This is a widespread thing that extends… Continue reading OCPD, Whataboutism, and Professionalism

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One Death: How One Event Shaped My Anxiety and OCPD

TW: death I feel like I learned the truth about death far too late in life, a combination of natural insulation from the subject and a consequence of my social anxiety. I cannot remember the exact age, maybe eight, but I was watching television in my living room while my mother ironed clothes. A life… Continue reading One Death: How One Event Shaped My Anxiety and OCPD

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Mental Health and Sexuality

We need to begin this post with a pure truth: definitions describe; they do not prescribe. Some definitions are by their nature comparative. For example, I could describe myself as tall while context might dictate that I am average or even short. Other definitions are strict. When considering human sexuality, things exist on a spectrum… Continue reading Mental Health and Sexuality

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Let It Go: Disney’s Frozen and Mental Health

Disney released Frozen at an interesting time during my life. Having grown up a devout Disney fan, I knew every classic up through Lilo & Stitch like the back of my hand. Then came high school, 9/11, and an intensification of my mental health issues that made Disney feel less appealing. Not to mention the… Continue reading Let It Go: Disney’s Frozen and Mental Health


Anxiety: The Moving Target

TW: suicide The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Edition (DSM-V) does a brilliant job, as it should, of casting a wide net with its diagnostic criteria. As with any disease (or, philosophically, any thing), we understand that the experience is not a monolith. Rather, everyone who experiences the same condition will experience… Continue reading Anxiety: The Moving Target

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My Mental Health Diagnoses

Today is a more clinical post. While this blog explores the nature of living with mental health issues on a personal, anecdotal level, I thought I would take one post and share the diagnostic criteria behind my specific mental health issues (in order of diagnosis): generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive personality… Continue reading My Mental Health Diagnoses