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She-Hulk: Is Marvel Failing Feminism?

I won't name her, but YouTube decided to hit me with a video the other day about how woke superhero Hollywood was failing women. It begins with an article supporting She-Hulk that drove the talking head into a froth because it included comments from the show creators about how the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has… Continue reading She-Hulk: Is Marvel Failing Feminism?


Dense Writing: One Writer’s Principles

(I like to write these pieces with an authoritative and knowing voice. Let's be clear from the start that this is not prescriptive. I am sharing my approach to writing to provide some ideas to newer writers who might be reading this piece. There's no literary elitism here. You may read a point and think,… Continue reading Dense Writing: One Writer’s Principles


Three (Friendly) Complaints from a Fiction Writer to Readers

tl;dr version: fiction and non-fiction are two separate things. I think often of this line attribute to Mark Twain: The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible. An alternate version that I have seen is, "Truth is stranger than fiction and why shouldn't it be, fiction has to make… Continue reading Three (Friendly) Complaints from a Fiction Writer to Readers